Morata, from the bench to the goal


Morata, from the bench to the goal

alvaro morata there was strength that gave him Luis Enrique to always feel important. His appearance now is that of a safe, confident, calm person. From the coach’s message in moments of fury against Atlético, Spain “Morata to ten more”, to a leading role even if it starts from the bench.

Lucho thinks about the battles in thinking about the contribution that the bank will make if necessary. It started Morata He was on the bench in both World Cup games and came on and scored in both. The ‘killer’ goal eight minutes after jumping on the pitch earned Morata the MVP of the match, the goal and the work he put in the minutes he was there, from the 54th minute he left Ferran Torres. The goal is to have these things. Prizes go to those who score. Because yesterday, without a mark, Daniel Olmo He deserves a piece of that trophy. What Jordi Albathe author of the striker assist.

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It appears a priori Morata like the ‘9’ of selection, he is the specialist. Add 29 goals to Morata’s senior team tally scored against Germany. But Luis Enrique He elevates every game thinking about the collective good and Morata thinks it’s impressive.

Lucho knows that Morata you can always be counted. The purpose to Neuer serves as equal Raoul as Spain’s top scorer in all categories with 61 goals, which speaks of his quality since his debut with the under-17s.

Morata He assessed the tie after the game: “They are a great team, they have a great opportunity and they took advantage of it. You have to see that we played against Germany, which is a good team and you have to take the positives and keep working. They played a good game, they went after the man of our best players and this is a team that can be among the favorites to win the World Cup and we have to look at the positive things and keep working”.

There is a characteristic of Luis Enrique included in the scorer’s message. No complaints but aspects to improve. No starters or substitutes. Luis Enrique created a team where everyone feels important because they help in every aspect that the coach considers basic.

Luis Enrique is sleeping soundly. It helps him practice sports every day. When he gets up, he will see on the table the analysis of what the team must improve to be a candidate to win world. Against Germany It’s an exercise in maturity, a great game but there are aspects to improve.

Morata it did not fail. It almost never fails. like not doing Ansu Fati when he came in to play for the national team despite the fact that he hasn’t had a chance to debut in this World Cup. The goal in the national team is not from the specialist, they work so that anyone can add. Morata scored because he had confidence in Luis Enrique to do this. And it will continue like this. The choice is supportive and visible in details like this.

Source: La Verdad


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