Tiger Woods believes Greg Norman should resign to appease the golf world


Tiger Woods stated on Tuesday that Greg Normanthe Australian running the tournament LIV Invitation that split the golf world in two, had to resign for the peace process to begin and the civil war that rocked the sport to end.

In this Tuesday’s statements to the media at Bahamaswhere forest I had to dispute the Hero World Challengethe golfer made it clear that Norman “had to go.”

“Also, obviously, their lawsuit against us and our countersuit against them must be suspended. And then we can speak freely,” he added. forest.

The athlete believes that until that happens, LIV Invitational and PGA Tour they can’t be in the golf world.

But he insisted that it was impossible to Norman leading the alternative tournament funded by Saudi money.

“Right now, as things stand, no. Not with your leadership and not with Greg there and his anger on the tour. I don’t see that happening,” Woods explained, recalling that LIV Invitation He was the first to go to court.

Since the appearance this year of LIV Invitationthe golf world is going through a veritable civil war where athletes associated with the new competition and those who remain loyal to PGA Tour Replaced with accusations and even insults.

LIV Invitation have used large sums of money to try to attract golfers such as Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy.

Property Norman has stated that forest he gave the one billion dollars that was offered to him LIV Invitation break up PGA Tour and play in the Saudi tournament.

Source: La Verdad


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