twilight and too much ego


Because of this, it is appropriate to describe the contribution to the World Cup of the former stars, who are now in very poor condition, in Qatar. Sad image of christian, never mind, Hazard, etc. Still looks like a dropper Messi.

In the absence of today’s season, a Uruguay supported by some veterans failed. The Suarez, God, Cavani and companies, dazzling a decade ago, are now a shadow of what they once were. Diego Alonsoa low-profile coach, with no track record, and discussed by his own players, far, far away from a legend like tabarez, where they won the Copa América and placed fourth in the World Cup. The Renewal Plan is important.

Recently, extra-sports have been in the news more than exploits on the green. The only thing that matters to him is him. Prior to the World Cup, he vilified the club and the national team, where he was also the focus of conflict, with some inappropriate statements intended, in his own interest, to cause his departure from United.

Against Uruguay, tantrum as a kid claiming a goal where he didn’t touch the ball and awarded to his teammate Bruno Fernandes. As icing on the cake, the Portuguese Federation, dutifully, formally requested that the goal be assigned to christian. What would Bruno Fernandes think? Does anyone doubt that if it had been the other way around, no claim or anything? ronaldo I wouldn’t have allowed it.

Source: La Verdad


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