On December 2, 2022, several Bizkaibus buses from the Left Bank were sabotaged


As the chairman of the operator’s business committee informed Radio Euskadi, between 80 and 90 units with flat tires have appeared in the garages of Aparkabisa in Valle de Trágapa.

Euskaraz irakurri: Bizkaibuseko hainbat autobusi kalteak egin dizkiete Ezkerraldean

Various buses bizkaibus parked in the driveway Trapaga Valley car park (Bizkaia) have woken up with flat tires and paint on the windows, as reported by the Basque government security department to EITB Media. According to the works council, the affected units would make up about three-quarters of the fleet 80-90 busesso it is foreseeable that the usual service of the winning bidder Ezkerraldea Meatzaldea Bus (EMB), which offers service in the Left Bank and Mining Zonebeing hit by.

In statements to Radio Euskadi, the chairman of the committee, consisting of CC. OO., UGT and ELA – Juan Carlos González, has condemned the sabotage and has assured that the perpetrator is unknown at this time. “It could well be a user who, tired of more than a month of mobilizations, has decided to act,” he added.

González has criticized the “inaction and inactivity” of the operator, who did not get a “significant reading” from yesterday’s strike, as workers came crashing down Bilbao’s entrances.

This sabotage takes place one day after the 24-hour strike by the staff of the operator Ezkerraldea Meatzaldea Bus (EMB), which according to union sources was 100% complied with. After the strike, the works council called for a strike blockade in the negotiation of the agreement collective. In addition, another strike has been called for next December 21, the holiday of Saint Thomasin addition to four-hour partial strikes on the 13th, 15th and 19th of the same month.

It is not the first time that Bizkaibus buses have been hit by sabotage, it already happened on November 8, when 12 EMB company buses appeared with graffiti.

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Source: EITB


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