The Prosecutor filed a complaint for racist chants against Vinicius


The Madrid Public Prosecutor’s Office hThe complaint filed for racist chants made against the Real Madrid striker has been filed Vinicius Junebefore a derby played on September 21 because, although he describes the expressions as “unpleasant” and “disrespectful”, he maintains that they were expressed in a context of “maximum rivalry”, which they “last only a few seconds” and that they do not constitute a crime.

The Public Ministry agreed to open proceedings a few days after the player received insults -expressions like “You monkey, Vinicius you monkey!”- before the match between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid in Estadio Metropolitan Civitas.

A few months later, the prosecutor believes that there is no specific act to be imposed on a specific person and that, when the insults of a racist nature are contextualized, “they will not be a crime against the dignity” of Vinicius, and also added that these chants occurred only twice and “lasted a few seconds.”

As reported by Prosecutor’s Office, The prosecutor maintains that the insults were hurled on the occasion of a “supreme rivalry” soccer match along with other “derogatory” or “mocking” allusions, which are marked by sports competition.

For all these reasons, it agrees to file the complaint filed by Esteban Ibarra, president of the Movement against Intolerance.

Source: La Verdad


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