14-year-old high school student – Milchbubi dealer pulled the gun when selling drugs


A high school student from a good family was allegedly robbed by teenage customers while selling the fashion drug “Benzos”. The judge did not trust his version, for which a 16-year-old Viennese ended up in the dock.

A 16-year-old and a 13-year-old boy met a drug dealer in August because they wanted to buy ‘benzos’, a drug that can be described as a trend drug. This put the elder in the dock. The accusation: During the transfer, the teenage duo brutally robbed the dealer, who had turned 14 shortly before the meeting, stole 240 euros and 25 tablets.

We called him “wannabe gangster”
“Not true,” said the boy, who came with his parents to the hearing in the Viennese court. “When we saw that the dealer looked like an eleven-year-old boy, we insulted him,” says the boy, “we said something like: ‘You wannabe gangster’ to him”. The drug runner then panicked and pulled a gun from his backpack. “We thought the gun was real and we feared for our lives. When he looked to the right, I knew I had to act and struck,” said the suspect, who denied having stolen anything.

Judge: “Drugs? Poor Mother”
The very young dealer from Lower Austria then appeared as a witness: After the eloquent, but ice-coldly worded descriptions of the slender high school student in designer clothes from a good family, judge Daniela Leitner forced a final question for him: “What do you have with to make drugs? Poor mama.’ She sighs in the hallway. – The 16-year-old suspect was acquitted when in doubt.

Source: Krone


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