General director of football of ‘Habemus’, Athletic


According to the explanations made by the new president, to serve as general director of football for the Bilbao club, a series of requirements must be met. Requirements that he himself is in charge of shelling out the public staging of the new signing.

Being a thirty-odd year old was added because “you have enough experience, but you are hungry to eat the world.” Another point in favor is “being someone who combines experience inside and outside of football. In fact, he has a study in technical architecture. We understand that the football part is important, but we believe it is important to have more”.

References of external persons consulted are key. “His popularity in the football industry is great and we have verified in these months that this is a fact. Different people have taken part in the process, including Valverde. We all agree that he is a figure that fits fits the project”.

Sensitivity to new technologies and data analytics and the language, in this case, Spanish, are also added. Another aspect that the president emphasized to decide on this signing is the economic one: “It fits perfectly with what we are looking for, it is something that can be supported by the institution. It is an investment that fits club accounts”.

New airs

Youth, experience, external assessment, new technologies, language, investment… Mikel González, in short, meets the criteria set by Uriarte and his board to hold the position with the greatest relation to sports in an institution has a long history and tradition of Athletic.

Five months later ‘habemus’ general director of football. The commitment to renew Lezama, to open the windows to let fresh air in, is firm. I hope I win!

Source: La Verdad


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