Abde, the steadfast puppy of Regragui


ez abde, The FC Barcelona player, who is on loan at Osasuna, came out beaming and smiling as he walked into the mixed zone after beating Spain. Wrapped in a flag of his country, he stopped by MD to relate his impressions. “The coach is rude, very kind“, he laughed, returning to show that naturalness that is so longed for in elite football. “He didn’t give us instructions with the penalties. It’s thanks to God,” he said, winking and raising his index finger, as Muslims do. He was happy to have qualified for the quarterfinals for the first time in his country’s history.

Abde, 20, is reaping his rewards. He has always perfectly studied his steps to grow as a footballer in his short professional career. Last season stayed in barcelona, without playing the African Cup with Morocco. He took that risk because he had the opportunity to play minutes under Xavi’s command and he wanted to take advantage of it.

But he didn’t give up his roots. He was born in Beni Mellal, a town in the center of Morocco, but grew up in Elche, where he arrived at the age of seven with his family. He played in the Spanish team, but in his mind he was only wearing an Atlas lion shirt. “I have felt like one more Moroccan, which is what I am. I have always wanted to be with the Moroccan team and it is the best decision I have made in my life,” he admitted after bringing Spain down.

Abde wants to continue working history with Morocco. “We put the roof on ourselves, so we’re going to keep working to keep giving surprises.” The talented winger, who played in his second World Cup game, decided to go to Osasuna on loan this season to play in the World Cup. He knows that in Barcelona it is very difficult to get minutes and that he, at the age of 20, has to play. And he got it.

In the Barça code, Abde assured MD that this appointment in Doha was raising him to a forced march. “A World Cup makes you old. This is a unique opportunity, many footballers are left without playing it. I have to take advantage of it and I’m sure it will help me in the future”, commented the young Moroccan footballer.

An important part in its evolution is Walid Regragui, Moroccan coach who gave him confidence. “I am very grateful to the coach, who gives me opportunities. I have to continue working, but Regragui is a wonder”, he commented in his relaxed tone.

“He is always with me. He tells us that we must work, in solidarity with his teammate, he jumps at the smallest detail… He is like another teammate, although when he has to be a coach, he is a coach”.

Morocco knows how to suffer together, as a team. “This is part of what coach is asking us. Work is non-negotiable”, Abde admitted, appreciating the bonus the public brought him. “The atmosphere of all Moroccans is incredible. Thank you to everyone who came here to see us and support us. This is also yours, they deserve it.”

And he added: “We have a very good connection between the fans and the players and That adds another point. Thanks to them we are where we are. They helped us a lot,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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