After a major invasion of Russia: Have nothing to do with Reich citizens


After a major invasion of Russia: Have nothing to do with Reich citizens

A large-scale raid on the so-called Reichsburger scene caused a stir in Germany on Wednesday. Investigators are also checking connections with Russia in this regard – however, the Russian embassy strongly denies such assumptions.

The German federal prosecutor’s office had 25 people from the so-called Reichsburger scene arrested in a raid on Wednesday morning. About 3,000 civil servants are deployed in eleven German states, a spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe authority said. Searches were also carried out in Austria and Italy. With the exception of one Russian, all those arrested were German citizens, the federal prosecutor said.

Arrests also in Austria
Outside Germany, there were arrests in Kitzbühel and in Perugia, Italy. According to the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, house searches have been carried out in two Austrian states. The “Kurier” reported in its online edition that among those arrested there were also an Upper Austrian and a Tyrolean. There are “trails to three Austrians” in total. In addition to Kitzbühel, the Amstetten district should also be searched in Lower Austria, but no arrests have been made here.

It was initially unclear whether those arrested also had Austrian nationality or lived in Austria. With one exception, only German nationals were on the list of names of the federal prosecutor’s office. In the Italian city of Perugia (Umbria), a German man who had been in Italy for some time was arrested in a hotel on the basis of a European arrest warrant.

Group planned overthrow of state order
22 of those arrested are said to be members of a terrorist organization, two of whom are leaders. Three people were also arrested as supporters. There are also 27 other suspects, the spokeswoman said. “We don’t have a name for this association yet,” she told the dpa news agency. She allegedly planned the overthrow of the state order in Germany and the takeover of the state leadership. The detectives also targeted an active soldier in the German Bundeswehr and some reservists, the military counterintelligence service (MAD) announced in Cologne on Wednesday.

Leader with contacts in Russia?
The Hessian entrepreneur Heinrich XIII is also one of the suspects. Prince Reuss. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, the 71-year-old is suspected of being one of the leaders of the alleged terror group. He would also have tried to contact representatives of the Russian Federation via the Russian Vitalia B., who was also arrested.

Russia described the raid as an internal affair of Germany. “It is more of an internal problem in Germany. You yourself have stated that there can be no Russian interference here,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday about the alleged coup plans, according to the Russian agency Interfax. Russia only heard about this through the media and could not say anything about it, Peskov said.

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