Regragui: “Portugal are favourites, like Spain”


The choice of Morocco, Walid Regragui, inform Portugal: “they are favourites, but as then Spain“, while making sure they want to continue “giving surprises”.

PortugalWhat Spaincame here to win the world. But we have already shown that our team is difficult to beat. It’s not easy to score against us and we have players who can score. We made history, but we are not satisfied with it”, assured the coach on the eve of the round of 16 clash of Qatar World Cup against Portugal.

Morocco became the first Arab nation to reach the quarterfinals in a world and the fourth African to do so, but now, the coach said, they want to be the first to enter the semifinals.

The coach said they are now the “friendly team that everyone supports” and thanked the “support of all the fans of Africa and the Arab world”, but pointed out that “we must not fall into conformism”.

“We haven’t done anything, it’s still not enough. We’ve made history but if we stay here, nothing will happen. If we settle, it means we haven’t developed mentally,” he said.

“The only thing we have achieved so far is to conclude with some forecasts made using the statistics of Harvard which is useless. In football everything is possible. My players are hungry, they haven’t had enough in the rooms”, he pointed out.

The selector said Morocco He is already considered by his rivals with respect: “We have shown that we are a stone in anyone’s shoe.”

“No one thought we would win a match and now everyone believes in us. They are waiting for us. That creates pressure for us, but it is positive. We want to be the engine of all those countries,” he said .

reragui He indicated that it was time to “break the glass ceiling” and trust more African coaches who, he said, “have the preparation to train in Europe.”

“They always tell me I don’t have experience. I’ve played seven games and I’ve been in the quarterfinals for one world. In this competition all African teams have African coaches. When they give us responsibility, we show that we can do it,” he said.

The coach admitted that his team arrived “tired” because they faced “very strong countries, Croatia, Belgium, Canada, the most powerful in North America and finally Spainthe team that runs you strongest”.

But he indicated that his players “have a lot of will and determination” to tackle Portugal“another team that’s coming to win at world“and that” he will also have more possession.

About the possible absence of Cristiano Ronaldo Of the Portuguese eleven, he said: “As a coach, I hope he doesn’t play, he’s one of the best in history”.

reragui indicated that they will not abandon their style of play despite noting that they are a very defensive team: “They tell us that we have almost no possessions against Spain but who is against Spain? no one, though Germany“.

The coach showed his optimism: “We fought Spain Can we repeat this in four days? That’s the challenge I set for my players. I hope the response is positive.”

Source: La Verdad


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