El Dibu accused Mateu of wanting to eliminate Argentina!


The Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano Martinezhero of his team’s qualification for the semifinals of world in an intense penalty shootout against Netherlandsaccused the referee of the match, the Spaniard Antonio Mateu Lahozto try to remove them.

“He’s crazy, arrogant. You say something to him and he talks bad to you. Add ten minutes and give a free kick for ‘Holland‘. how left Spain he wants us to go away too. He is the worst referee in the World Cup”, assured the goalkeeper. Messi, minutes before, also charged Mateu: “People saw what it was, you can’t be honest because they punished you but FIFA has to consider it . Not yet up to the task of such an important match, this time”, said the captain of the Albiceleste.

In Croatia, his rival for a place in the semifinals after leaving Brazil, he made sure there was no need to be confident. “Anyone can leave you. We lost to Saudi Arabia, and ‘Holland’ tied us when we were two goals down. Everyone gives their lives for their country. But we have 45 million countrymen who make us feel,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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