Las Palmas achieved a leading victory against Villarreal


the palmswith a goal from Marc Cardonaprevailed on villarreal (0-1) in a match in which he faced ten men from minute 15 after the expulsion of mfulu and where it was superior to the local team, especially in the first half.

Success, which temporarily puts the palms as the leader of the category, is false thanks to the courage of the Canarian team, which did not confine itself to its framework and prevented the villarreal had a clear scoring chance, even in the clearest (minute 80) spider he sent the ball to a post. Now UD must wait for the result of Levante-Eibar to find out if the winter champions have been declared.

After the first chance of the match, with a shot from the visitor Oscar Clementethere was an action that seemed to be the key to the development of the clash, because mfulu He saw a straight red card after a strict arbitration decision after a foul on a rival player fifteen minutes into the game.

The expulsion did not scare the visiting team, which, after the entry of Fabio for Merciful to hold the middle of the field together, he completely took over the fight despite being down a man. In minute 28, in a great collective play, Marc Cardona put the Canarian team ahead, who had another chance to score and, above all, completely canceled out a Villarreal B He couldn’t find a way to hurt his opponent.

The first chance for Villarreal B came half a minute after the restart when Forés left alone earlier Dominguez, but the ball was not pocketed. Seven minutes later, a great save by the visiting goalkeeper prevented a tie.

The referee, in the 63rd minute, called a penalty in favor of the home team, which he corrected after checking the VAR moments before the visiting coach, Garcia Pepperremove the two most offensive men, page Y Marc CardonaTo enter Alvaro Jimenez Y And one to refresh his attack.

the palmswith fewer balls than in the first half, is tight against a Villarreal B which is almost clueless and lacking in rhythm, which slightly upsets his opponent. In the 80th minute, Arana’s shot hit a post the palms The need for time is very incriminating to a lesser player and he just has to fight. They did so and achieved a prestigious victory against a Villarreal B side, where the slight improvement in the second half was not enough.

Data sheets:

0 – Villarreal B: Jorgensen, Migue (Tiago, m.73), Mbacke, Dela, Tasende (Iosifov, m.91), Lozano, Carlo Adriano (Pacheco, m.46), Del Moral, Ontiveros (Arana, m.73), Álex Forés and Fer Niño (Haissem, m.46).

1 – The Palms: Domínguez, Álex Suárez, Curbelo, Coco, Sergi Cardona, Óscar Clemente (Fabio González, m.23), Loiodice, Mfulu, Pejiño (Álvaro Jiménez, m.65), Moleiro (Enrique Clemente, m.86) and Marc Cardona (Andone, m.65) .

Purpose: 0-1, m.29: Marc Cardona

Referee: Cordero Vega (Cantabrian committee). He advised Carlo Adriano (m.28), Mbacke (m.54), Del Moral (m.59) and Hassan (m.90) for Villarreal B, and Curbelo (m.27) and Sergi for the Canarian team that Cardona (m.42). He sent off visitor Mfulu with a straight red card (m.16)

happenings: match played at José Manuel Llaneza sports city in front of 1,565 spectators.

Source: La Verdad


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