Taty and Gazzaniga, two rojiblancos Argentines


Taty and Gazzaniga, two rojiblancos Argentines

They sleep more or less, but they sure do it like two little kids. Taty Castellanos and Paulo Gazzaniga They arrived at a new training session in La Vinya with their ‘pigeon chest’ after their team’s World Cup victory in Qatar.

How not to have a day off. Little did Taty and Paulo know what December 18, 2022 would bring them. Each, surrounded by their loved ones, saw the very final from another point.

The Argentine striker lived, along with hundreds of compatriots, in a local Barcelona, while a new star is embroidered on the breasts of the albiceleste. Active in his social networks, he does not hesitate to share and show everything euphoria they experienced on Sunday afternoon. He, like so many thousands, went to Arc de Triomf of Barcelona waving the flag that represents them.

During the first weekly session, neither the striker nor the goalkeeper missed the opportunity to encourage all their teammates to go through the usual slapping tunnel. Without success, it’s the same person suffered from the pats of his companions in the neck.

And if that’s not enough, dad come with the T shirt of his choice in the Catalan team’s facilities. The forward clarified, in a video for the club’s social networks, that this shirt has no stars.

they both knew what it was wear albiceleste colors. Paulo debuted, precisely, with scaloniin 2018. The goalkeeper, however, only accumulates one game in Argentina.

dadfor its part, accumulates six games with the national team, although they are all with the National Team Under-23not completely.

Source: La Verdad


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