Emotional agur from Athletic to Txetxu Rojo


The Athletic family wrapped the Rojo family yesterday in saying goodbye to one of the left wingers par excellence in the long history of the rojiblanco club. Txetxu Rojo was in good company at the funeral held in the Basilica of Begoña. One who is a lion, coach of Lezama and coach of the first team played at home.

From his brothers to his children and other relatives, many of his teammates, coaches, players, directors, presidents and even rivals have personally felt the love that I have for Rojo. The list of attendees is almost endless. Iribar, Clemente, Guisasola, Txato Nuñez, Zaldua, Sarabia, Dani, Irureta, Alexanco, Goiko, Amorortu, Zubi, Urkiaga, De Andres, Otaolea and Noriega, among others, were his teammates. Alkorta, Aiarza, Lakabeg, Andrinua, Elgezabal, and Mendiguren jumped under his and Kendall’s baton. Former presidents Arrate, Lertxundi, Lamikiz, Ana Urkijo, Macua, Urrutia and Elizegi were also there.

Gudelj assumed the representation of Celta, a club where he played, among others, Pedro Herrera, present in Begoña. Same as Manu Delgado, Ondarru, Mendilibar, Iñaki Bergara, Urzaiz, Javi González, Tabuenka, Julen Guerrero, Patxi Salinas, Feijoo, Mata, Rafa Dehesa, Ipiña, Josean Lekue, Paco Angulo, Gontzal Abando, Miguel Gutiérxeberria, Imanol Et. Sañudo, Jesús Celaya, Gorostidi… People from Athletic, from elite football and from bronze. The president of La Vizcaína, the mayor of Bilbao, Jon Ortuzar, the former director of Euskalduna…

President Jon Uriarte led the Athletic delegation with some of its directors, Berasategi, Valverde, Aspiazu, the captains of the first team (Muniain, Lekue, Balenziaga, De Marcos and Iñaki Williams), the captain Garazi Murua , the leadership of Lezama when it was a male and female level… Txetxu Rojo, in short, well covered. It couldn’t be less. God damn!!!

Source: La Verdad


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