Total success of the great futsal party in Palau


After three years of not being able to celebrate due to the pandemic, the boat Futsal is back to showering the masses with the traditional open-doors training on Christmas dates. 2,874 fans they met in Palau Blaugrana to experience a magical afternoon where they were able to enjoy the skills of the Barça players, who showed great solidarity with the fans. The manager Aurel More and the manager Jordi Torres They did not lack and they also spent a great time with a team that hooked the culé fans.

To further spice up the show, the squad was split into two teams and they competed in various activities such as a game with alternative rules and a skill contest, as well as entertaining the little ones with penalty shoot-outs, rounds and drills. against goalkeepers Flat Didac Y Miquel Feixas. Captain Sergio Lozano led the team to victory, which they too Matheus, Pito, Dídac Plana, Sergio González Y andre coelho.

At the end of the training session, all the players sign autographs and take pictures so that those present take home an unforgettable memory. Festive day and full of good atmosphere to close 2022 for boatwho will now enjoy a few days off before starting to prepare for the semifinal duel of Spanish Supercup against Murciaon January 7 at the first meeting of the new year.

Source: La Verdad


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