Johann Wilhelm Trollmann, the German boxer of gypsy descent who was beaten to death by the Nazis


Boxing is a sport written beyond the ropes surrounding the ring and many boxing stories have been written throughout the history of this noble sport that are more than just sports, of overcoming, example and protest and, without doubt. , one of the most notable being the one starring boxer Almeán de Orogen Gitano Johann Wilhelm Trollman.

‘Rukeli’ -which in Romani, a linguistic variety typical of the gypsy people- means ‘strong tree’, its roots spread strongly, to an extent that the oppressive Nazi regime had to work hard to cut down its tree. Johann Wilhelm his career began in the second half of the 1920s. A native of wilsch His moves in the ring are characterized by his lightness and agility that he displays in all his moves, as well as his funky footwork.

Product of his skill and strength he began to make a name for himself in the world of boxing. He started sparring at the gym ‘Heroes of Hanover’ and his childhood dream was to make boxing history. He won several national competitions and was even shortlisted for the Jolympic games in stockholm of 1928, but in the end it was not summoned because it did not display what the regime at the time considered not very German style.

His lack of aria arts did not prevent Trollman from disputing the light heavyweight title against Adolf Witta reflection of the pure Aryan led by his shining blonde hair and fair complexion, who benefited from the sports committee’s decision in the past when they first wrested the title from the Jew. Erich Seeligand when it becomes vacant Witt and Trollmann saw the faces.

June 9, 1933 J .ohann trollmantrue to his style and his footwork that gave him the nickname that ‘Trollmann’s dance‘, the boxer of gypsy origin defeated Witt in 12 rounds berlinthe city where he lived in 1929, but the German regime did not allow one of his gypsy ‘compatriots’ to become so important and the German Boxing Association this will strip him of the title. The accounts of the time speak of a clear victory for ‘Rukeli’, which the judges wanted not to consider, but in front of the protégés of the public they kept Wilhem as the winner. But after eight days, as they say, by night and fraud, the title was taken from him using as little an argument as ‘inappropriate behaviour’.


There are several books and documentaries that have tried to collect the life of Johann Trollman. One of them is ‘Gibsy: the story of boxer Johann Rukeli Trollmann’ by Eike Besuden, film of the year 2012; and another is the book ‘Rukeli. Johann Trollmann and the anti-Nazi Roma resistance, which can be found on Amazon

He was forced to enter the ring against Mrustav eder, in another unfortunate situation, as he was prohibited from moving from the center of the ring if he wanted to keep his license. Any equal boxer would not have attended the appointment, but he decided to introduce himself and did so with sarcasm and irony, presenting himself with dyed blonde hair and skin bathed in the characteristic whiteness of talcum powder. How could he not, he was defeated by KO in the fifth round and his body was severely punished with almost no resistance, and two years later his professional license was revoked.

The Nazi regime did not think to take him into its ranks and he was assigned to the Russian field in 1939, but when the Gestapo He was sent directly to the concentration camp of Neuengamme, where he would live to a sad end as a prisoner 721/1943. Like other prisoners in this concentration camp -it operated from 1938 to 1945 and it is estimated that more than 80,000 men and 13,500 women were registered as prisoners and at least 42,900 prisoners died – near HHamburgJohann Wilhelm was in poor physical condition, and in order to achieve a good diet he had no choice but to box in front of the camp guards or with prisoners who were ‘close’ to the Nazis, allowing his self defeat and knocked out.on more than one occasion.

He would die at the age of 36 on February 9, 1943 and there are three versions of his death. One said that he died of natural causes, another that he was the victim of a bullet and a third that he died of baton beatings given to him by a Nazi officer after instead of letting him lose, he knocked out his opponent. ; even, ‘Rukeli’ died fighting.

In 2003 the German Boxing Federation decided to award the title of heavyweight champion to Johann Trollmann, posthumously.

Source: La Verdad


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