Suspects in custody – after attack in the clinic: elderly (79) died


Because bed neighbor Hatun C. (72) would have felt so disturbed by the sound of Hilal K.’s (79) oxygen device in the double room, she switched off the vital device in the middle of the night. The 79-year-old suffered a respiratory arrest as a result, but was successfully resuscitated. But now the pensioner died unexpectedly.

According to the lawyer for the victim’s family, Thomas Franz, the body will be autopsied at the coroner’s office.

Detention on suspicion of manslaughter
The Mannheim public prosecutor’s office has already applied for an arrest warrant against the 72-year-old. The suspect was taken into custody – sufficiently recovered – on suspicion of attempted manslaughter.

“It is not everyday for us either,” says a police spokeswoman about the incident. Whether the two women knew each other is being investigated. According to her family, the pensioner will be buried in her Turkish homeland once the investigation is completed.

Source: Krone


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