Castro says Del Nido “is a madman chasing me”


The Seville constantly involved in the exchange of statements between jose castro Y Jose Maria del Nido Benavente in his fight for the presidency a day from general meeting of shareholders. The former president does not stop airing the management failures of the current board of directors, while the current top president responds to his criticisms with new accusations.

The final appearance of Castroafter warnings from Of the nest about his intention to vote on the Board and his promise to bring the signing “agreed to” if he takes office as president, this Wednesday.

“There is no possibility of change in Board of directors. Shouting is useless, arguments are worth it, and Mr. Del Nido shouted more than necessary”, said the president in an interview with ‘Radio Sevilla’

Castro was also asked about the fact that Del Nido could vote against the agreement. “The president of the table will act legally, as always, and what is not legal will not be done. Last year he did not vote, he did not have a battery in command. I do not know what he will do this time. It is crazy he’s after me, sick of lust for power and money, he’s the only one he understands. He wants to become president of Sevilla by force and he will load all the good he did in Sevilla. People come to my office giving me shares and telling me please don’t come in,” he added.

The supreme president, in addition, is clear. “Del Nido can promise the signing, but he can’t bring players without being the president. We have a player coming soon (Loïc Badé). And one more,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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