“Luiz Felipe apologized to Iker and me”


The match between Betis and Athletic ended in a brawl that led to Luiz Felipe being sent off after a heavy tackle on Muniain. Vivian, who went in search of the Betic defender despite having previously been reprimanded, acknowledged at the end of the match that “when that is done to a teammate, even if there are yellow reactions that come out. There are moments of the game that one is hot”.

Regarding the incident in question, which took place during the extension of the match, the Athletic centre-back assured that “he admitted it and apologized to me and Iker. As long as one behaves in that way, nothing will be said “.

Valverde, who also had an exchange of words with Luiz Felipe when he left the locker room after being sent off, also acknowledged that “we apologized, our heads were a bit lost”.

Alejandro Hernández Hernández, referee of the match, explained in the arbitration report that he sent off the Betic centre-back for making a “tackle with excessive force on an opponent in a dispute for the ball”. Later, in another section of the incidents, the Canarian referee detailed that as soon as Luiz Felipe was sent off, “as he retired to the locker room, he headed towards the area where the fourth official and the visitors’ bench were located, shouting in the following terms. : “Sons of bitches!”

Source: La Verdad


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