Emotional message from Ferran Torres after losing his grandfather


Ferran Torres bid farewell to 2022 with bad news. A few hours before playing a derby match spanish within SpotifyCamp Nouthe Barcelona striker received a call from his family informing him of the death of his paternal grandfather, Ferdinand. Despite the blow, Ferran He held on and even participated in the game, played the last 30 minutes, was substituted Ansu Fati.

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This Sunday Ferran He wanted to say goodbye to his grandfather by writing a special message through his social networks, accompanying it with a very tender photo celebrating his birthday next to his grandmother when he was young. “Thank you for everything, ‘uelo’. Mai t’oblidaré,” he wrote Ferran accompanying the text with two icons of a broken heart and a crying face. recently, Ferran Torres He spent a few Christmas days with his family in Valencia and was close to his grandfather in his last days, as his health was failing due to his age.

Source: La Verdad


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