After getting Cristiano, Al Nassr wants to fish in Madrid


The al nassr from being a semi-famous football club in Arabia became the talk of the town after announcing the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. The 37-year-old Portuguese player signed until 2025 for 200 million euros after terminating his contract with Manchester Utd after the explosive interview given by the star.

The Saudi club, however, is not satisfied with the inclusion of one of the most decisive footballers of the 21st century in its ranks, but instead wants to continue to strengthen itself with top players. After signing the Cristiano RonaldoThe al nassr has set his eyes on two more legends of Real Madrid.

Is about Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos, a PSG player since June 2021 but a symbol of the white club in recent seasons, where he served as a leader on and off the pitch.

According to Marca newspaper, the 37-year-old veteran Croatian midfielder is in the crosshairs of the billionaire Saudi entity as well as other minor league clubs from countries such as United States, United Arab Emirates or Qatar.

10th of Madrid Right now, January 1, he is in a position to negotiate with any club whenever his contract with Madrid expires in June 2023. However, according to the aforementioned information, the purpose and priority of Modric will renew at Madrid and for this reason he rejected all the offers presented to him.

Source: La Verdad


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