Tommy Robredo closed out a great career at home at age 39, where he made his debut at age 16


Tommy Robredo closed his long and brilliant professional career which he began, at home, in Rafael Nadal Court ng Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Conde de Godó Trophy. He came in as a 16 -year -old boy capable of reaching the round of 16, winning three games. He said goodbye to the days of being 40, on May 1. The most important thing: when and when you decided to hang up the racket.

He chose someone with a track record as he deserved. The pandemic delayed closure. He wanted it in his club, in the tournament that gave him the most chances. 2004 Champion, 2006 Finalist. “Tommy, Tommy! they sang in the field. About 6,000 spectators drove the man from Girona, who put his heart into it and showed off his talent. But the rhythm of the competition was lost when he left the circuit, because of the coronavirus and, most of all, because he started a new phase in his life by building a family with Patricia and the small Alexia.

It was a tribute to Tommy Robredo, who was with everyone but one, especially. Barnabas Zapata, 25-year-old Valencian and 119th in the world, many are at stake in the event as he defended the 2021 round of 16 in Barcelona, ​​and gave nothing to Catalan. Levantine wore her overalls to win 6-1 and 6-1 at a time.

Robredo deserves a rival like this, as focused on the goal as ever. An exemplary professional, a player who, if he hadn’t left the courts then, was due to his passion for tennis. He blew kisses to the stands, where his team can be seen wearing a special shirt with the printed name of the great protagonist of the day.

Twelve titles in 23 individual finals, three Davis Cups. World number five, ten years in the top 20 on the planet, more than a hundred weeks as top-10 in 2006 and 2007.

The marker doesn’t matter, or the point to point. Just enjoy Robredo’s last minutes in a central. That Tommy, name taken in rock opera’s The WHO of your father Angel, passionate about the group, and his mother sick, Enjoy what your nerves allow.

“It was a happy day that I will always remember”

Goodbye Robredo

“It is a happy day that I will always remember, that will always be special,” said Tommy Robredo on the track. “I wish I could have been more competitive, even to win, but Bernabé played a very good game”.
“Have fun at home with my people”, said the man from Girona after a career that “personally I think is very good”.

He fought until the last moment, as taught to him by his parents, who were both tennis coaches, from the very beginning. olot, where it resulted in self -establishment after traveling a thousand times around the world. He will continue to play a few exhibitions, the teams, to continue connecting with a sport that he will return to sooner or later, in one way or another. Robredo is, is, and will be tennis.

“I will always carry you in my heart”, proclaimed Robredo, who was moved when he pointed out that “my wife and my daughter have changed me”, after thanking his parents.

Salute after the game

Professional colleagues like David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Roberto Bautista, Feliciano López, Marc López, Pablo Andújar, Jaume Munar or Anabel Medina, among others, came down to the center court to share Tommy’s last moments Robredo in official tennis.
On screen, he heard messages from those present and from other tennis players like Andy Murray, Albert Costa, Carlos Moyà, David Nalbandian or Guillermo Coria.

Source: La Verdad


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