Lampard sees his future “out of control”


The coach of Everton, Frank Lampardsaid that his future at the club is out of his control after his team was kicked out of the FA Cup by Manchester United after yesterday’s defeat (3-1).

The Toffees slipped into the relegation zone after a 4-1 home defeat by Brighton & Hove Albion on Tuesday and were booed off the pitch after conceding their sixth defeat in seven games. So, Lampard insists he is not worried about his future. Now, maybe different.

“That’s not under my control. It’s not up to me to focus on that. It’s up to focus on what I saw tonight (for yesterday) and that was a performance that every coach wants with the attitude of the team and the focus,” he says. Lampard on ITV. “The focus now is Southampton (Everton’s next league match). I don’t want to talk about my future, I just want to talk about the players and how well they played,” he insisted.

Everton watched as striker Alex Iwobi was carried off on a stretcher and Lampard said the player had damaged ligaments in his ankle and left on crutches.

“The players are very, very good in the sense of organization, game plan, work ethic. Things that should be fundamental in football, but people question them when you have a performance like the other night.” (against Brighton).

“We were really good. We had the best chances I think. Good chances and a disallowed goal. Marcus Rashford (United) was probably the difference between the teams. Great individual talent can do that to you.”

His team’s 9,000 visiting supporters cheered wildly for his team off the pitch after the FA Cup defeat, and Lampard said their reaction showed his side could turn their fortunes around.

“When the players behave in the spirit of an Everton player, the fans react to that. Even in defeat, and that says a lot,” he added. “This league can change very quickly and when you’re in a rough patch you have to work hard to get out of it, but it can change.”

Source: La Verdad


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