Monchi’s annus horribilis; six signings and just playing… Nianzou


The famous sports director apologized and acknowledged his mistakes in planning this season, but the consequences were devastating to Seville. Monchi he lives through his particular ‘annus horribilis’ and redeems his mistakes by seeing his team leave and enter the relegation zone.

It is the month of the market, January, and Sevillism prays the novena in San Fernando to recover the clinical eye. After being sold on one of the best pairs of power plants in the Europewhich they formed Koundé Y Diego Carlos and where the club entered more than 80 million euros in theory (50 for the Frenchman and 32 for the Brazilian), the planning disaster made the squad an empty lot. Of the six who signed the Monchi in the summer, only one of them, the French Tanguy Nianzoumostly playing on Seville. The young defense was formed at PSG and that’s where it comes from Bayern Munich He is also a star in Montilivi, in the positive and in the negative. Firstly, by scoring with a spectacular header to make it 0-1 for his team in the 13th minute and secondly, by losing an incredibly absurd ball in the 88th minute so that his team lost in the return of Girona.

And this is in the six signing of Monchi in the summer, only the French boy starts here Seville and because Sampaoli it no longer has wicker. This is not the first time Nianzouwhich predicts a good future, leaves doubts about losses and bad decisions.

Of the six signings made by Monchi the two entered the gate. isco, which was shown to 15,000 Sevilla fans, came out after a fierce clash with the sports director. The departure of Lopetegui and the arrival of Sampaoli the man from Malaga is impatient, affected by the Argentine’s wishes to have a player from another cut in his position. The last straw is the fight with Monchi, tell those present that even it is about to explode. Of course, it is a proven fact that, with one goal scored in 19 games, he left the squad as a starter and no one took his place.

the danish Kasper Dolberg it’s another puff. In debt to him Nice, never adapt. He didn’t integrate, he didn’t try to learn the language and he didn’t come back after world. This month he ended his contract and signed a new loan with Hoffenheim german He didn’t score a goal.

The Brazilian case marked it is worth studying. Sold in Galatasaray for 13 million euros, Lopetegui He claimed he arrived injured, while the player said he was ready to play. This is the first signing, he arrived at the beginning of July to replace Diego Carlos, but he did not play a friendly in the summer. He suffered two fiber breaks after that Sampaoli forced his debut in his premiere before the AthleticHe played a few games and broke again until he underwent surgery when he seemed to be on the mend.

Adnan Januzaj this is a separate case. He reached the end of the market despite being free after he took back the Real society, but he never played a game as a starter. The club encouraged him to find a team because Sampaoli He doesn’t want to, but he’s been signed for four years.

close the circle Alex saidwinger on loan from Manchester Utd in lieu of coin. It started with doubts, but ended with many promises before the world, where with Brazil, he had the death of a serious injury to himself.

Badé, cure waiting for more movements

the mistakes of Monchi Fans are waiting for them to be rewarded with successes in the January market, but at the moment the only arrival is the Loïc likeswho did not play a single minute in his assignment to Nottingham Forest but in two games with Sevilla he seems to know how to follow through. In debt to him Rennescame to cover the lack of central with damage of marked.

Source: La Verdad


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