Scaloni will sign this Barcelona player for the Argentina team


Lionel ScaloniArgentine soccer coach and world champion in Qatar 2022, declared that if he had to choose between Diego Armando Maradona and Leo Messi he will stay with Messi, “the best in history”, and with whom he says he has “something special”.

The Argentine coach has been the architect of the albiceleste team’s great successes since he took the helm in 2018 and his record as a coach includes a World Cup (2022), a Copa América (2021) and a Conmebol-UEFA Champions Cup (2022).).

“The World Cup is a film and an incredible journey. The key to the whole championship is to enjoy it knowing how difficult it is and that anyone can win it,” said Scaloni, who revealed that since he came back from Qatar he didn’t see the match

“Until eighty minutes I knew it was a fantastic game but from then on it was different. I had the images and the game in my mind. It’s a shame it wasn’t closed in ninety minutes because a goal from them in the end of the game is not fair. extension,” he said.

“The technical talk of the final was very emotional. I was touched and I couldn’t continue. We felt it was an amazing moment. When a team like Argentina achieves that communion, it breaks,” -admitted Scaloni, who assured that, as a footballer, “I will not play with this option”. “The level is higher than before so I will not play for the national team. As a player I look like Rodrigo De Paul but his game is better,” he said.

In the quarterfinal match against the Netherlands, refereed by a Spanish referee Mateu LahozScaloni acknowledged that “they didn’t make it easy” and that the atmosphere previously created by Dutch coach Louis Van Gaal, clouded the game.

“They provoke the game before playing it and their coach said several things that turn on you. The game was hot but not more than normal. When they attack you you have to respond. Attacking or attacking for the sake of attacking, no,” said by Scaloni, who told an anecdote of his relationship with Mateu.

“In a Malaga-Mallorca, he asked me for a shirt. It was his first or second game. He is a good referee, I have no doubt, but the game was not easy for him. He got hot and we didn’t help him. -take it easy,” he declared. Scaloni, in ‘El partidazo’ of Cadena COPE.

Scaloni also gave his opinion on his preferences as a footballer between Diego Armando Maradona and Leo Messi, the two most important players in Argentina’s history. “If I have to stay with one, I will stay with Leo, with whom I have something special. He is the best in history, although Maradona is also great,” he stressed.

“Messi’s training is not difficult. On a technical level he cannot be corrected but sometimes there is pressure or a way to attack, it was explained to him. Touching, stealing balls and when there is blood, he is number one,” he said.

One of the unknowns that Scaloni does not want to reveal is how the negotiations for his continuation as coach of Argentina are going. “I am traveling to Buenos Aires these days, I hope to sit with the president and see if we reach the agreement we want. I have a good relationship, I thank him for the opportunity and when he goes we will announce what the way it should be,” he commented.

Asked about the possibility of him training in the future Spain, Scaloni was blunt. “Why not? Spain has given me a lot and it’s my second home.” “Any Argentine would say the same because they treat us incredibly well. I feel part of this country but Spain is good to have Spanish coaches. If I could have a pass from a Spanish player for my team it would be Pedri,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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