Fraudster caught – Microcamera & Co.: Arrest during driver’s license test


In Innsbruck, a 33-year-old wanted to pass the driving test falsely. The examiner was amazed when he discovered the technical aids. The suspect was even provisionally arrested!

A 33-year-old man, whose nationality is still unclear, tried to cheat on Monday afternoon with technical equipment when taking the theoretical driving test at a driving school in Innsbruck.

The suspect apparently did not want to leave anything to chance and was well equipped – with a micro camera, transmitter, micro headphones.

A complaint followed the arrest
Bad luck for the 33-year-old: he was caught cheating. “The man has been temporarily arrested and his equipment has been secured,” the police said. After the interrogation, he was reported to the public prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck. Further investigations follow.

Source: Krone


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