The player who shook the Argentine market with his possible arrival at Racing


The possible arrival Avellaneda Race of the experienced Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero (39 years old) has shaken the Argentine soccer market, which can count on the former player of Bayern Munich after 10 years in Brazil.

Although the manager of career, ruben capriaacknowledging only “contact with Paolo Guerrero” and not confirming any other details, Argentine media put the veteran striker all over the flight to Buenos Aires.

The international born in Chorrillos will arrive for free at the ‘Academy’, a news known on the same day. racing club misunderstanding with also Argentine Boca Juniors the International Super Cup in Abu Dhabi.

After his career in Germany both in Bayern Munichh as in hamburgGuerrero played Corinthians (2012-2015), flamenco (2015-2018), Porto Alegre International (2019-2021) and Alas (2022).

I will fight with Maximiliano Romero and Reniero

If his signing of the ‘Academy’ is confirmed, the historic scorer of the Peruvian team, winner of an Intertoto Cup with hamburga Club World Cup with ‘Fla’ and a South American Cup Winners’ Cup with Corinthianswill fight for a spot in the offense of the team he leads Fernando Gago together Maximilian Romero Y Nicholas Reniero.

His arrival will fill the remaining void Enzo Copettiwho recently signed for Charlotte US.

one year contract

According to local media, the contract for warrior This is for one year and for productivity, given his recent inactivity, as in 2022 he added only 427 minutes in ten games without scoring a goal in his time in Avai Soccer Club.

His last game was on October 2, 2022, when he played only 22 minutes against him. Athletic Goianiense. He then suffered from an injury to his right knee, the same one in which he suffered a torn ligament in 2020 and which led him to undergo surgery at the end of 2021.

Source: La Verdad


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