The Finisher team celebrates its official presentation


In anticipation of the start of the new year, the graduation group held this Saturday, January 21, its presentation at Hotel Andia of Orkoien. An action attended by sponsors, family and friends, and that will be the start of a beautiful cycling course where the essence will be kept, but the colors will change. This will be the 30th season on the roads of the Galibier Sports Association under-23 team, which welcomes Finisher, the health and sports nutrition brand of Kern Pharma, as its main support.

“Today is a very important day for the structure because the Finisher Team gives meaning to everything,” he acknowledges. Juanjo Oroz, general manager of the project. “This is the day where we remember the good moments with Lizarte, who are our friends now, and for which we are grateful. Kern Pharma the step forward they took in assuming the sponsorship. This support stabilizes a structure where the best cyclists can develop and in 2023 we will show that we are a sustainable, capable team with a history we are proud of. The future depends on our work, which makes us optimistic”, concluded Oroz.

To Manolo Azcona, president of the Galibier Sports Association and proponent of the structure, this release is “sad and exciting” in equal parts. “After 17 years, Lizarte closed its cycle and Kern Pharma, through its Finisher brand, took the baton. We really want to start the season, because we are proud that the pharmaceutical company is our biggest support “, declared Azcona, who added: “If we have 30 courses on the roads, it is a sign that we are doing things well, so we will try to continue on this path. The proof of this is in the 22 cyclists that make up of the Kern Pharma Team, 17 were trained at the subsidiary”.

The commercial and marketing director of Kern Pharma, Carlos Palasí, states: “This sponsorship is another step in our support for the AD Galibier base, which is key to the training of cyclists who may be promoted to the Kern Pharma Team in the future.” “We want to thank Lizarte for all the work they have done in recent years and we hope to continue developing in a project where we share values ​​such as work, humility and the desire to excel”, concluded Palasí .

For his part, Cesc de Bode, manager of the Health and Sports Unit at Kern Pharma, explained: “When there was an opportunity to take the sponsorship of the U-23 team, we saw an opportunity. At Kern Pharma, we have been linked to the project for more than four years, while we started the collaboration in 2018 as a supplement to the Lizarte Team. We did it because we fell in love with the project, where we share the values ​​of youth, familiarity, struggle, dedication, work… At Kern Pharma we all feel part of the project and put the name Finisher . make a lot of sense. We are proud of this new step”.

The Finisher Team, very grateful, also said goodbye to Scrap Ugarrandiawhich has been the sponsor of the under-23 team for several years

Team Finisher 2023 Squad

Daniel Artero (07/31/2004, Tarragona)
Ibai Azanza (02/22/2004, Pamplona)
Hugo Aznar (01/12/2003, Cortes)
Unai Aznar (07/26/2002, Courts)
Pablo Carrascosa (10/07/2002, Santa Amalia)
Daniel Criado (02/17/2002, Los Molinos)
Yanne Dorenbos (09/15/2000, Castricum)
Adrià Franquesa (01/16/2004, L’Estany)
Iván Gómez (01/2/2002, San Cristóbal de Segovia)
Ismael Goñi (09/18/2003, Obanos)
Jorge Gutiérez (09/23/2002, Trujillo)
Dylan Jiménez (05/27/2002, Cartago)
Albert Muntanya (05/04/2004, Vic)
Antonio Nieto (05/27/2002, Santa Amalia)
Iñaki Ordoki (09/16/2004, Elizondo)
Ugaitz Otxandorena (03/25/2004, Saldias)
Abel Rosado (05/09/2004, Valencia)
Aimar Tadeo (08/14/2004, Lakuntza)
Diego Uriarte (10/26/2001, Barañain)
Dylan Westley (03/13/2001, Leeds)
Ho Yen Yi (10/24/2001, Yilan City)

technical body
President: Manuel Azcona
Manager: Juanjo Oroz
Sports directors: Sergio Araiz, Jon Armendariz, Rubén Martínez, Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga
Deputy Sports Director: Javier Garayoa
Mechanics: Javier Lafuente, Miguel Mujika, Asier Ormazábal
Masseurs: Joseba Juango, Mikel Mendioroz
Doctor: Alfredo Resano
Physical training: Higinio Fernandez, Iosune Murillo, Mikel Zabalo
Communication: Mikel Arilla, Maria Gil

Source: La Verdad


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