Rubiales’s short answer to Simeone


Diego Pablo Simeon manages the release to defend the interests of Atletico Madrid at the press conference before the fight grenade. The mattress technician has no problem making sure of that Luis Rubiales needs to be explained in depth the releases that came out of El Confidencial where he exchanged some audio with Gerard Piquéplayer of Barcelona for negotiations to pick up Supercup of Spain a Saudi Arabia.

“What comes out of the information facing Super Cup sa Arabian there is no doubt that economically, from what can be seen in the information, the Federation will favor if they go real Madrid Y Barcelonathey will have to explain it better and we remain calmer ”, this is what Cholo said about the matter in the press conference.

This Wednesday, Luis Rubiales He has already answered all the questions of the journalists present on this matter. Although that explanation was requested by the technician of Atletico Madrid He left it to give it to you privately.

“What is cholos I totally understand. I admire him as much as I admire Atlético. If I was in his situation, I was also shocked. I am open to explaining the situation. Regarding the salary, I clearly explained myself, ”the RFEF president said at the press conference he offered.

Source: La Verdad


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