Gattuso: “If I saw that the team did not follow me, the best thing would be to change the coach”


The Valencia will face the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey this Thursday against Athletic burdened by bad results that leave him in the League looking at the decline and they begin to question the project of Gennaro Gattuso. “The fear we have it, because it is part of our life. Only a madman would not worry but it’s a good thing because it can give birth to another race”, he pointed out.

The Italian is aware of this situation but says he maintains the confidence from the locker room and while he’s willing to qualify his game proposal and protect the team more, he cautions that he won’t completely change his philosophy.

“I can see that the team is alive If I see that the team is not following me, the best thing is to change the coach. We have a lot of failures but the team is training well. It’s normal that the club is not happy with the direction the season is going,” he said.

“This is part of my job. A coach is a single man. This is normal. We live by the results and I need to think about how to improve this team to achieve success. If I leave earlier, it’s part of my job,” he said.

“Of course the team should protect itself more but now it’s not easy to tell the team something different. If they make me do something I’m not in, it’s difficult. I have a philosophy. I have to put my ego aside a little but I can’t change 100%. It’s hard to change everything, I can’t do what I don’t feel,” he warned.

Yes, he taught that “It’s not all bad” and explained that he was trying to help the players with his experience in similar situations as a player in Milan. “This is not a good time. I experienced it as a player and in these situations you see all black, the ball at San Siro weighs a hundred kilos and the shirt is the same. We always have positive words,” he said.

Regarding Athletic, he said they have “a style, a 4-3-1, where they are very clear about what they are doing.” “Play very fast and that will get us into trouble. He has experience and physically they are in good condition”, said the Italian, who declared that he gives priority to the Cup but said that he cannot ask anything from the fans and can only “thank them”.

Source: La Verdad


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