Everton are not for sale and Moshiri encourages his fans


Farhad Moshiri, Everton’s controversial owner, has said the Goodison club is not for sale, but it is close to getting an investment to help build a new stadium. Everton are currently penultimate in the Premier table, 2 points from safety. Moshiri tried to please the fans.

Moshiri told the club’s Fans Advisory Board (FAB) that he was looking Help to finance the construction of Everton’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and made it known in a video posted on the club’s website on Tuesday, but recorded before Saturday’s defeat against West Ham (2-0).

The Guardian newspaper reported on Tuesday that Moshiri had put it up for sale Everton, who on Monday fired his current coach, Frank Lampard.

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Asked by Reuters to comment on the Guardian report, an Everton spokesman said the video posted on the club’s website made Moshiri’s views clear. “The club is not for sale,” Moshiri assured the club’s FAB. “We want to bring in investors, the best, but it doesn’t sell the club at all,” added the Everton owner.

Everton have played every season since 1954-55 in the top flight, but have only won 3 of their 20 league games this season. Moshiri tried to reassure fans that the team could still turn things around.

“Everton’s ambition has always been to be part of the elite,” added. “We are part of the elite. Our goal is never to be in the last three. Our ambition is to play European football. We will get there, but we can only get there together,” the owner’s words Liverpool. club.

Source: La Verdad


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