Abde keeps Osasuna’s Cup dream alive in tribute to Luismi


abde launched into an epic Osasuna in the semifinals of Copa del Rey with a great performance in extra time crowned by a great goal to render the Sevilleto take the game into extra time with a goal from InNesyri at a discount. The rojillo team unleashed their enthusiasm for the KO tournament supported by a stadium of the conscious of good nights and the Moroccan forward, author of 2-1 in the 99th minute with a great maneuver.

The run-up to the tie was marked by an emotional memory of Luismi. Everything the conscious paid a heartfelt tribute to the player of Sourcesrival of Osasuna in the first round of Copa del Rey, who died a few days after that tie in a tragic traffic accident on his way back from training due to a drugged driver with triple the legal limit of alcohol. The rojillo club invited the entire Fuentes squad and the family of luismiwith the father in tears, who received the heartfelt tribute of all the affirmations of the conscious.

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Already in the party, the ambition and the illusion of Osasuna it overflows with an applied Sevilla and little else. The group of Sampaoli face the Cup as an antidote to his depression in the league championship but not even the goal of in Nesyri with the last breath to force the extension he ended his pains.

Far from falling Osasuna he missed the blow as soon as extra time started. The freshness and the courage of abdewho took the baton from chemistryreturned the illusion to the conscious. The Moroccan stadium went crazy, author of a great goal after removing the chain from like. The dream of an epic Osasuna again in cup is more alive than ever.

Source: La Verdad


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