“The card with Ceballos? Clearly, everyone saw the same thing”


Rodrigo de Paul is a starter in the match that the Atletico Madrid argued before him Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. And at the end of the clash, he was angry at the arbitration in TVespecially because of the decision of soto level not to expel ceballos.

How are they?

“In anger, we believe it’s not a fair result, it’s football.”

A portion for each

“Yes, a time for each one, there is a specific play that… eleven against ten is a lot of advantage, we all make mistakes, you have to be good in these games which are very important.”


“It’s a clear situation, what does the second yellow look like for Ceballos? (laughs), everyone saw the same thing, we can all make mistakes. We want it to be for our side, we have to continue”.

Fair result?

“Unfair. The team did very well, they tried up to ten, it’s not going to happen and that’s it”.


“Going into the Chanpions is the aim of the club to compete, include the levels of players, we have to grit our teeth, do it and the team is ready.”

Source: La Verdad


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