Ancelotti: “What about Ceballos and Savic? I can’t remember one and the other caught me”


Changes again Carlo Ancelottisome obligate, such as one of Daniel Ceballos in the first part, and others think as in Rodrygo in the second, they saved the Real Madrid of an elimination with 0-1 of Athletic This seems more than doable.

In fact, the Italian made it clear when he had to give explanations about the game in the round afterwards.

“We had more commitment from everyone. The bench at the moment helps us a lot. This is what this moment of the season demands, to have a bench where all the players can contribute. Atlético was better in the first half and in the second half we put all the energy we could and it was very good. The individual quality helped us a lot”.

Vinicius controversy

“Vinicius played as usual. He was very happy, eager to play again in front of his fans and he fought until the end. It’s very sad what happened but he’s focused on the game”.

talk at break

“I am very angry with him. villarreal but now I didn’t do it. The team did not play well but I am always confident that we have the resources to improve. However, I don’t understand how the team can play so badly in the first half and so well in the second.”

Importance of Rodrygo

Rodrygo he scored an amazing goal. It has a lot of quality and what is very complicated is made very simple. He is a very important player for us”.

Arbitration dispute

“To those ceballos I don’t remember and how Savic It’s still a long way off but it’s normal to have controversy because Atlético played so well. It’s normal for them to be upset after losing because they played so well”.

Switch to Modric and Kroos

“I find it hard to place Modric Y Cross at the bank. I also struggle on the bench Asensio, ceballos either Rodrygo they are doing a good job.”

Ceballos Repair

“For the success of a club, it is important that everyone does their job and the coach does his thing and the club does its thing. The club knows what I think because we talk every day.”

Source: La Verdad


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