El Jimbee is negotiating with Chemi for the extension


The club and the man from Mazarrón enter into talks and propose the extension of the contract that expires in June

Jimbee Cartagena has started talks to negotiate the extension of some of the players in the squad who will end their contracts in June. The melon entity is now focusing on reaching an agreement with the Mazarrón goalkeeper Chemi, a full international for the Spanish national team and a basic pillar in coach Duda’s plans.

The club and the player are already in talks and are negotiating in particular about the economic terms and the duration of a new contract. It should be remembered that in the summer of 2020 Chemi landed on the Jimbee Cartagena from the Galician O Parrulo. Since then, the melon player has taken a giant step in his sporting career to establish himself as one of the strongest goalkeepers in Spanish futsal.

The goalkeeper from Mazarrón comes from the country, he has grown hand in hand with Jimbee and in fact both parties already agreed in 2021 to extend his contract until 2023. Reaching a new agreement is one of the goals that the club is pursuing . You will also have to solve Rocha’s situation, with no minutes; and to clarify the future of other players who are out of contract: winger Juanpi, captain Raúl Jerez and closeout Bebe, among others.

Source: La Verdad


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