Samu Saiz, moved to Turkey


This is not the only way out. After the transfer of Ramón Terrats and Manu Vallejo came the case same sizenext leave on Girona. The Madrid midfielder has already flown to Turkey to undergo a medical examination before he signs for Sivasspor.

Although not yet official, it is known that the move is underway. The couple of Samu published a video on their social networks accompanied by ‘Again’, mixed with many boxes to carry out the transfer to the territory of Turkey.

A player who has not been a supporter of the greys, but of the whites and blacks, will leave Girona. His particular way of being convinced many about his position in the rojiblanco team, although it also caused differences among those who did not consider his figure at the club. That’s why, in every transfer market, he is one of the most pending figures.

It’s not from this person. In recent years, even in the last summer market, it was also rumored that the player would leave but, apparently, his high profile could be a problem in finding a new destination in the form of a transfer. Despite everything, Samu always did not comment on said information and limited himself to focus on his work.

As of now, the conditions of his transfer are unknown. It is known that he is one of the stars in the promotion play-off. Samu handled the last phase of the season at an exceptional level which helped the team achieve a historic victory. Many will have the memory of singing ‘clown’ to him in celebration on the balcony of the Town Hall, as the episode between him and Míchel last season was something rarely seen in Girona.

Class and quality are also missing. Samu has shown that he has a strategy and vision of the game that very few players have in common. Specializing in ruining games as an insult, he always tries to leave out details that evoke the ‘Oh!’ of Girona fans. In his recovery he left 119 games with the Catalan shirt, 12 goals and 17 assists.

Source: La Verdad


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