Nacho and Imanol should have been fired


The performance of referee Melero López this Sunday at the Bernabéu, in Real Madrid-Real Sociedad, was marked by two actions. Two disciplinary decisions which, according to IFAB (International Board) Rules, should have been resolved in expulsion. One for the white team player Nacho Fernandez and one is for the coach from San Sebastian Imanol Bailiff.

The first case occurred in the 67th minute of the match when, after the ball came out on the wing, the Real Madrid defender His hands prevent Robert Navarro from playing him. The Real Madrid player already had a yellow card of the first half that the referee stated in the minutes: “In minute 41 the player (6) Fernandez Iglesias, Jose Ignacio was reprimanded for the following reason: Unreasonably knocked down an opponent while fighting for the ball.”

The Rule 12 of the International Board that regulates football says the following: “A player who performs any of the following actions will be cautioned: delay game resumption“. Then that natural gesture, which the defender himself justified that it was appropriate because he believed that Real Madrid should remove the band, should have given him a second yellow card and the result of expulsion.

Expulsion to be directly in the case of Imanol Bailiff in his action in the 85th minute when he kept the ball in his technical area, preventing Real Madrid from playing it. Here the same rule 12 of the Laws of the Game says the following: “Among the offenses worthy of expulsionthe following are included: delay the restart of play when it is the opponent’s turn to do so, p. e.g hold the ball, kicking it, blocking a player, etc.;

In this case, the Andalusian referee should have shown the red card to the Basque coach. However left him alone in a rebuke which is stated in the arbitration report as follows: “In the 85th minute, coach Alguacil Barrenetxea, Imanol was reprimanded for the following reason: Holding the ball in a throw-in, preventing it from playing. “

Source: La Verdad


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