The future awaits Giuliano Simeone


That party Atletico Madrid before him grenade left a bit of good news to be honest. The mattress box was not scored against the Andalusian team and the lowest goal set at the start of the season was complicated, with nothing else but to finish in the top four to play next season in Champions League.

However, during the game there are two news that are fun for the quarry Atletico Madrid. On the one hand, the ownership of Javier Serrano, one of the most promising homegrown players on the mattress team. On the other hand, the debut with the first team Giuliano Simeon.

The Argentine striker made his debut on Wednesday with the first team Atletico Madrid sa The league at the command of his father, Diego Simeon. The youth squad entered in the 90th minute to replace Mark Llorente.

A premiere won in his brutal season at the mattress subsidiary. Author of 23 goals for climbing Atletico Madrid B Second RFEF In the current campaign, including the professional team for some friends, finally came his long -awaited debut in the competition.

He is a seasoned player, with a nose for purpose and very self-sacrificing. Fans no longer knew his last name, they obviously applauded him when he jumped on the lawn of Wanda Metropolitanwith 27 on his back.

More than 28 years after his father’s debut as a midfielder for Atletico Madrid in this competition, Giulianovery active, the subject of a foul he threw against the barrier Louis Suarez, although he had no chance. Of course, this resulted in a yellow card with an interesting overflow.


“I thought of it as a footballer. I understand that we have another option with a striker and he showed in a few minutes what he has; speed, aggressiveness, intensity and hopefully when he has to come back he can support him because it is a good income he made ”, highlighted Diego Simeon at a press conference after the match.

Now the question is what is the future of the Argentine striker. We are already saying that his debut was based on a brutal period at the subsidiary. Is he top scorer ng Group VII ng Third RFEF and his goals are one of the keys to promotion.

The good season of the young player goes unnoticed. In fact, in the winter, he has a foot and a half on Royal Saragossa. The Aragonese group spoke to Athletic a loan, by that time he had already exceeded a dozen goals.

Thus, the footballer appreciates the possibility of playing in a history of Spanish football where he can continue making steps in his projection and progress to a higher category. This is clear by footballer numbers, both Third as the Second RFEF they are small. In this sense, seeing what happened to Saragossa, the most logical scenario for the coming season is to bet on a move, preferably on Spanish football. Ang Second The division seems like a great ‘laboratory’ for Atlético’s youngsters to have experience. Cases as in camel either Riquelme within Mirandese; or one of sweet bread within Tenerife (to many others), they proved it.

A record debut

Giuliano entered the history of Atlético

Giuliano Simeone’s debut with the first team of Atlético de Madrid also represents a record. The Argentine entered mattress club history as the third foreigner (he was born in Rome and has dual Argentine and Italian nationality), the youngest to debut on Atlético’s first team. The second most numerous were Lucas Hernández (18 years and 310 days) and the first, José María Giménez (18 years and 237 days). In Giuliano’s case, it premiered at the age of 19 years and 123 days.

Source: La Verdad


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