They denounce the “harassment” against Fernando Pacheco


Alvaro Dominguez, former player of At. Madrid and now a representative of the soccer players, released a statement through its social networks to establish its position in rivalry who remains with him Almeria because of the situation of some players he advises.

Among them, and despite the fact that he has already separated himself from the Andalusian team, the current goalkeeper of RCD Espanyol Fernando Pacheco. Domínguez accused Almería of improperly proceeding “unprofessional and scary” with the goalkeeper: “There was a harassment towards him, which caused initiate legal action against Almería”, said Dominguez.

Another player he represents is Cesar de la Hoz, whose contract expires in June this year. After the first test to be renewed in the fall of 2022, the player’s part is qualified as “inadequate” the conditions offered by the club.

“Here start the insults, insults and threats that, if necessary, we will denounce or we will make available. In other serious events, attempts are made to involve them agencies related to the club, which never stops happening. and they happened leakage manipulated in the press against our management. The goal of the player is to renew, but not at any price and even less in these forms”.

And he concludes: “These behaviors should not be allowed, especially in a sector where there are great professionals and fans from a big city like Almeria“.

Source: La Verdad


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