The League blames the lack of goal


The Spanish league averages 2.26 goals per game and is bottom of the five major European leagues, in a ranking that dominates the Bundesliga with 3.26 goals per game

With the first round already completed in the five major European leagues and after a winter market that revealed the zero financial strength of the Spanish championship, the statistics also show us that the league is at the bottom of Europe, including on the field, and that manifests itself in the alarming shortage of goals.

After the first 19 days, the Spanish championship scores an average of 2.26 goals per game, the league that scores the fewest goals on average of the big five. Barcelona are the league’s top scorer, averaging 2.05 per game, and Elche are the least successful in front of goal, averaging only 0.63 per game.

Bad numbers for the League, which has lost more and more goals at an alarming rate with the departure of some of its stars, such as Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Most recently, on matchday 18, only 15 goals were scored in ten league games, the matchday with the fewest goals of the entire season and one of the worst in recent years.

Worrying statistics when compared to the rest of the major European leagues. The Bundesliga is in the lead with an average of 3.26 goals per game, one goal more per game than the League. Bayern Munich is the highest scoring team, with an average of 2.88 goals. It is closely followed by Ligue 1, in one of the highest scoring first rounds in its history, with an average of 2.90 goals per game. PSG are the league’s top scorer as usual, averaging 2.47 goals per game.

In a third step, the Premier League, which despite its inflated market and its constant financial spending in stars, is far from the top. The English league averages 2.75 goals per game, with Manchester City, who despite being second behind Arsenal in the standings, leading the league with an average of 2.65 goals per game. The last competition to surpass the Spaniards in goals is Serie A, with 2.59 per game. Napoli, number one in the standings, also leads in terms of goals scored with an average of 2.59 goals per game.

After the x-ray which also shows the League’s drop in goals in recent seasons, a piece of data on those occupying the top of the table in each league confirms this. Barcelona, ​​​​​​ranked first in the Spanish league, is the leader of the five major leagues in having scored the fewest goals, with 39 in 19 days, for an average of 2.05 goals per game. Much surpassed by Bayern Munich, leader of the Bundesliga, with 2.88 goals per game, and by the rest of the top divisions, such as PSG, Arsenal and Napoli.

The strength of the culé team this season lies in the defensive facet. Only 7 goals conceded and 14 clean sheets for Ter Stegen in 19 games, a devastating statistic and surpassed only by Paco Liaño, goalkeeper of Deportivo de la Coruña who did not concede a goal in 15 of the first 18 days of the 1993/1994 season.

Source: La Verdad


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