The departure of ‘master’ David Marrero


Ang RCT Barcelona paid tribute this Thursday to David Marreroto retire from tennis at age 42 after making a happy transition from singles to doubles circuit crowned title 2013 Masters beside Ferdinand Verdasco.

The president of the club, jordi cambraaccompanied by the director of Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Conde de Godó Trophy, David Ferrergave a commemorative plaque to the Canarian player, who knew how to revive a discreet career in singles (no. 143 as the best ranking) until he rose to fame in doubles: world number 5 and won 14 titles in 30 finals, including the title of ‘master’ and the 2015 Rome Masters 1,000 in the head.

“I take incredible moments from tennis, which is my passion and my life. It’s sad to retire, but it’s time. It’s a sad moment, but clearly it has to come. I tried to extend it as much as possible., But in by the end of this year I had made a decision no matter how difficult it was for me, ”Marrero said.

“I am very happy with what I have reached, there are 14 titles, Masters champion. I am happy with what I have contributed to Spanish tennis above all and now the second stage awaits me where I want to transfer my experience to youth. People “I will try to be close to the circuit to experience positive things like being a coach”, added Canarian, who is happy with his wife, Nuriaand their three children, David (4 years) and the twins Martina Y Germanclose to 6.

“I’m still going in Gran CanariaI am on the journey UchiyamaVerdasco also told me to do a few weeks this year, I am also the director of important tournaments in Gran Canaria. What I want to learn is as a coach and hopefully in the short term I can help ATP players ”, Marrero explained.

“I consider above all the education and discipline that this sport gives you, the sacrifice as well because we spend a lot of time away from home and away from family. And the great friendships. I stay with the great ones. people I met on the circuit and the opportunity to experience incredible moments, travel to every city in the world, play the best tournaments, be close to the great, the ‘Big Three’sharing with them training sessions, courts, contests ”, David noted, his memory as a double‘ master ’indelible.

“I have that there as if it were yesterday. Not only that week, it was a very nice year, with Fernando we played at an extraordinary level, very regular. The qualifying for the Masters was a prize and we gave our best tennis there “In the final, we didn’t lose and we were lucky to win the supertiebreak. It was an unforgettable and unimaginable week that I will remember for the rest of my life”, exclaimed Marrero, who experienced his transit double without disappointment.

“I was forced to play twice. In my best ranking in singles (143rd), I wasn’t defending a lot of points a bit because of the pressure and nervousness of wanting to do better than last year, but I do all.well in twice.I asked the favor of Mark Lopezlet’s win Estoril Y hamburg. In three tournaments we added almost 1,000 points and the situation helped me pick doubles ”, Marrero recalled.


“Regarding the reality of leaving singles, I realized in minute 0 that I was a doubles player. When I tried to train with singles tennis players, I really appreciated not only being top-10, but also also being 200 or 300, the number of hours and sacrifices, of everything, that you have to do to be number 300 in the world, is insane “, highlights the canary.

“I realize now, when I was 150th I saw it as normal, but very sacrificial, very painful and at the same time very gratifying to see that in my case I was 140th. It’s true that I was a bit more. Professional in double than in individual, but I was left with the positive: I won Masters, Masters 1,000, I became number 5 in the world and I played Davis cup. I never thought all this would happen to me, “Marrero admitted.

“I would have liked to win the Davis Cup, it’s my big hope along with a title from Grand Slam, but I don’t think my career is bad, I have 14 titles. Playing for my country was one of the best things that happened to me in my life with my family. I can’t blame myself for anything, I gave everything in every training session and tournament and, when you give everything and step back when you turn, you can go with your head up ”, David concludes.

Source: La Verdad


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