Ancelotti: “In these games, few win and many lose”


Carlo Ancelotticoach of real Madridwas pleased to go to the final of Club World Cup after losing Al Ahly (1-4). “The team is growing, in these games the Madrid He has much to lose and little to gain. I’m not saying we won easily but we controlled it well. At 2-0 we thought the game was over but that’s not football. We started to do more dribbling, we slowed down, the control… We thought we had won and we have to stay focused until the end. They have been bad 10/15 minutes, until the penalty of Modric“, reviewed Carletto, who praised Valverde.

“I’m happy because he played well. He delivered, he showed his quality, he scored… He’s slowly coming back, like the others”, praised the Italian who was also happy with the good. performance of Vinicius. “He wants to play football wherever he is as much as possible. Now he always tries, he scored a fantastic goal… he has been Vinicius which is almost always visible”, says the technician, who does not trust the al hilalhis rival in the final.

“I was surprised by the removal of the flamenco. They were in the preseason and the other team was in the middle of the season and they paid for it. He al hilal He played well and deserved to play in the final. We should respect them because they have individual and collective quality. They will be excited to play in the final and so will we,” he asserted.

Ancelotti also spoke about the role of the quarry following the goal of Sergio Arribas. “The youth academy is a very important aspect, no one forgets the youth academy players but we must bear in mind that it is not easy to give them minutes because the level of the first team is very high. We are evaluating them, they are developing, the coaches is doing a great job and they are close to the first team. But this squad won the Champions League, it is very good,” he said.

“The atmosphere is good for Real Madrid. I want to thank the fans. It was a nice game, with a good atmosphere and well called. We left tonight with good feelings,” he added about the game.

Ancelotti also confirmed that this Thursday they will join the team military and Benzemawho stayed on Madrid due to injury. “They have not yet fully recovered. Karim it’s pretty good and military with more doubts. On Friday they will train and we will decide. if they come back carvajalwho had a fever, and Asensio, who ended the match of Majorca“said Ancelotti.

Source: La Verdad


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