Ekitike, diluted in temporary crack


He paris saint germain For some time now, it has been, if not the greatest, one of the greatest football attractions in the world. He finished his work by getting the Leo Messiwhich they joined Neymar Jr. and kylian mbappe to a fantasy forward who, at the moment, has not fulfilled the sheikh’s dream: to lift a Champions League.

It is true that, of those three, you have more ballots than the other major ballots, although this is by no means guaranteed. What is certain is that, after completing their fatal lead, PSG also explained Louis Fields Recently, the perspective in terms of transfers has changed a bit and he went from millionaire investments to completing his team with young players, some from the quarry, and others joined from outside.

In this last section, one of those who gave fans of the Parque de los Príncipes their long teeth is certain Hugo Ekitike, largely unknown to many but who in France has already started making his mark at Stade Reims despite being just 20 years old. Such is the projection that PSG has seen in the country, despite the loss of a player wanted angel di maria last summer, he decided to bet on this young French attacker of Cameroonian parents. His 11 goals last season and his mix of youth, added to strong interest from clubs like newcastle and Arsenal with his acquisition, he accelerated the Paris team and achieved a loan to purchase option at the end of the season of approximately 36 million eurossomething that on paper was understood to be implemented once the season ended.

ethics he has played and is playing more than one might expect. The damages of Messi, neymar and mbappe They gave many minutes to the French, which however seemed to dissolve in the interim. He played up to 21 games and only saw the goal in four of them. But not only that, his performance, although it was not bad, was below the expectations set by the club, which knows that it is still young and has a margin, but now doubts what to do with the clause. The next few months will be key ekitike. So are his goals

Source: La Verdad


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