Two fun and full games


What do you want me to tell you, I enjoyed the last two Athletic games like a child, and with a happy ending. I know. If we didn’t win, it wouldn’t be the same.

Yes, but tell a Real Madrid fan how they enjoyed the Champions League last season despite the fact that all their rivals painted their faces during some matches, showing their shame at back.

Let them take what we danced. Six points in a row and six great goals. Seventh in the qualifying table and rising like a submarine to breathe. I’m sick of sadness.

We go to football to have fun, to have fun. To see the occasions. If you attack, normally, the enemy will also attack.

I can’t stand the “black clouds” that only see the bad one day yes and another. They only work like magnets to attract lightning and storms. I know that in both games we were behind more than usual, but we reached the top and scored six good goals -check them in mind, it’s worth it-. And with two boys of 20 and 22 years of age who bear the brunt of the attack.

Long live mindfulness, carpe diem and long live rock & roll.

Source: La Verdad


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