Ocon: “Fight Alonso? I’m looking to fight everyone”


“Do I hope to fight Fernando in 2023? I’m looking to fight everyone”, said Esteban Ocon to a question from MD after the presentation of the new Alpine A523 in London. The driver attended the press with a smile, excited about the theoretical better performance of his car and the increased reliability of the engine for this course, the first year after Fernando Alonso after the departure of the Asturian from Aston Martin.

In this sense, before the press that attended the event, Esteban did not refuse to speak about the expectations raised by the new team of his former partner. “Everyone is talking about them (Aston Martin) and I don’t know if it’s the ‘Fernando effect’ or if they will be faster, but it looks like a very fast car when you look at its aerodynamics and look at it from on the outside.

“Aston Martin looks like a strong rival but all the teams are trying to close the gap, not just us… Aston Martin, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Sauber… all of them. They think the same as we do.”He added about the teams that must fight in a very equal middle zone and where any detail can change the sequence seen last year.


“I am a driver, I compete to beat everyone. This is how I have competed all my life and how I have been successful and won titles in the past. And this is how I beat Fernando Alonso too (when 2022), driving the way “I want to drive. For me the important thing is to score points with Pierre, it’s important, but I want to compete with anyone and I think I can compete with anyone. I’m happy to compete like this and it’s what I’ve done my whole life.”


“You like this story, the story of the year. Well, there is no story, it hurts me to disappoint you. There will be no headlines about this,” he said with a laugh. And later, he became more serious: “We are never going to be the best of friends, but the important thing for us is to maintain a fluid relationship, to create solutions together with the team. It is something that has always been like that in motorsport, that two Drivers work together to identify a problem, or to define a way to work, and so the team develops as if it were a revolution, that’s what we have to try to get out of our team to fight in the above.”


“What’s important for me is to perform and focus on myself”


“Obviously, it’s close, but my job still hasn’t changed. I’m still working with my group of engineers and people, and obviously it’s shared on the side of Pierre’s garage, and when there’s simulator day, we share the information, because we only have one simulator and not two. But things remain the same for me, I’m focused on myself and I’m focused on improving small details. It’s still early, but for now not I can tell you many differences.”

Source: La Verdad


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