Valverde: “The challenge is to make us happy”


Valverde: “The challenge is to make us happy”

“I am happy in the sense that they can choose any other coach and they chose me. I think it’s like being content and proud and saying thank you.”

Valverde was natural when assessing his renewal: “Every day we have the weekly challenge of winning all the games because that gives stability to the club, to the project, to everything. I am comfortable working with the team, with the players. I find them unusual in every way. I don’t want to forget Mikel González, the sports director, with whom I have a very good relationship and work very closely”.

The challenge is, according to the coach, to make our team happy not only because you win but because of how you win. The atmosphere in San Mamés is good and we want it to be better”.

Source: La Verdad


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