More than 2 per thousand – drunken thief chugged off with the tractor


From theft of a bicycle to driving under the influence of someone else’s tractor: In search of more alcohol, a Kremserin (37) did not shy away from other people’s property.

But first of all: around noon, the woman, who should have had more than two parts per thousand alcohol in her blood at that time, cracked the lock of a bicycle for the first time in Weißenkirchen in der Wachau. Later, the 37-year-old may have cycled to a winery on this bike. Their destination: the tasting room there.

Without falling on the tractor
However, when she entered, she had to realize that no good wines were stored there. Probably badly disappointed, the drunk staggered back into the open – and then perhaps discovered a tractor parked in the vineyard. She promptly started the farm vehicle and was about to start her journey home, although without the correct driver’s license – in addition to her high alcohol consumption – she would not have been allowed to drive the tractor.

Neighbor gave chase
The woman’s behavior and driving style, even from a distance, seemed so strange to an observant neighbor that he alerted not only the owner, but also the police. The witness even gave chase and was therefore able to pass on the exact location to the manager. In the neighboring town, the patrols deployed then managed to stop the woman’s intoxicating tantrum.

The 37-year-old is now faced with numerous advertisements.

Source: Krone


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