Ana Carrasco: “There are people who think I’m not going to win because I’m a woman”


The II edition of SBW Sports Appetizers with Estrella de Levante kicks off with biker and ex-footballer Miguel Ángel Ferrer ‘Mista’ as guests, who have opened up and talked about their career from a very intimate and personal point of view

This Thursday, the II edition of the SBW Sports Appetizers with Estrella de Levante was inaugurated in the tasting room of the Murcian brewery, and it was done with Ana Carrasco and the former football player from Caravaca ‘Mista’. After the official opening by the general director of sports, Fran Sánchez, and the person in charge of communication and external relations of Estrella de Levante, Yayo Delgado, an interview began in which both guests were open to questions from the journalist Juan Cervantes and the assistants . Both athletes are passionate about their country, the region in the northwest of the Region of Murcia, and ensure that their stay here fills them with energy.

The motorcyclist Ana Carrasco acknowledged that “in professional sports there are more bad moments than good ones, the ones that are most seen are the good ones, but we have faced many difficulties and in my case my family is my main support. They are down to earth and although I am living a dream, I am still the same person thanks to them and my friends that I have had since I was 12 years old».

Miguel Ángel Ferrer ‘Mista’ emphasized that he relies heavily on faith, “my parents are very Catholic and they passed on their faith to me. When I started I was very young and it’s something that helped me a lot in life .”

On the other hand, Carrasco pointed out that while being a woman brings her more media coverage because she’s in a world of men, it also makes it difficult for her to get sponsors. “There are people who think I’m not going to win because I’m a woman,” she assured, then explained that last year there were “too many changes” that affected the results, but now she has a “great pre-season”, so she is optimistic about what awaits him on the tracks.

For his part, having been one of the most successful Murcian footballers in history, ‘Mista’ assures that he enjoys his facet as a match commentator. “It frees you from the pressure, you return to the field, but calmer,” he confesses, after a long career with clubs such as Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid and Valencia, but also as an international with the Spanish team. He was also the coach of Atlético Ottawa, in Canada’s first division.

This II Edition of the appetizers will consist of five more appointments. The next one is on March 23 at the Marcos Automoción Peugeot dealer. These events bring together representatives and recognized personalities of the sports world in a relaxed meeting, around an aperitif. They are organized by the consultancy firm Sport Business World and Estrella de Levante. As collaborators, it has Marcos Automoción, Agencia Weekend, Alhama Nature Resort, Universae, Alviento, La7, Prevemur, Grupo Inforges and RPB Legal, companies from the Murcia sector that bet on and are involved in sports in the Region of Murcia.

Source: La Verdad


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