Europe is not enough


kound preferred to qualify defeat to Old Trafford as failure rather than failure. But in the end the conclusion is the same as it has been for a long time: Europe is not enough. The no Champions and neither is the european league. There is always consolation: a remarkable first half, but the result is the boat He was eliminated from minor competition for two years Europe. And that affects the brand. all in all. The deepest connoisseurs know that you work well, that you sign up well, but in Europe something faster is needed. Control is fine. He served a good first half, but the united he overturned in the second and in the first minutes he swallowed a lazy Barça and in the early goal of Manchester After the break, started drawing the mountain.

Xavi won the duel in the beginning and there is a hag He is the one at the end boat of the four mediums was able to prevail on united in the theater of dreams in the first 45 minutes, with a team where the coverages are an example, with players like two pivots (Busquets and Dejong) with large sacrificial capacity and media aids such as Sergi Roberto either kessie that prevented the united develop his most electric football. In the second part, there is a hag gave an entry to Anthony to gain offensive strength and take advantage of increases in bucket and the English improved their attitude, holding themselves to a hard-fought 2-1 win.

He boat he got his batteries in the last minutes, but he could not return the score yes, instead, the team performed Manchester. So, the Blaugrana team was out of Europe in February, having been eliminated from the Champions League and the Europa League. In both, it is true, there were casualties. In the European Cup, in defense and at Old Trafford, in midfield where there is none Peter neither Gavi, just lacking in the second half. The blaugrana will have to wait for next season to react after a disappointing route in Europe in recent times. At the moment it is not enough. Before it fell into Champions and now in a minor competition. He united He went all out in the second half and Barça had not yet learned to react.

Source: La Verdad


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