Torino must pay 1.5 million euros to Osasuna for Berenguer


Torino must immediately pay Osas a million and a half euros, including interest incurred during this period, for the transfer of Álex Berenguer to Athletic in 2020. The opinion issued today by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) is entitling the Navarrese entity to its claims.

The story begins with the departure of the winger from the rojillo club to Italy in the summer of 2017. In that transfer a clause was contemplated that determined that if the player was transferred to Athletic, the Italian club would have to pay 1.5 million euros more.

After Berenguer was signed as a lion, Torino refused to pay the aforementioned amount to Osasuna, so the rojillo club then turned to FIFA to claim payment of the amount owed. On September 9, 2021, the Player’s Statute Commission reached an agreement with the Navarrese club.

Apparently, Osasuna collected the last term of the transfer, but not the pending 1.5 million, because Torino appealed the decision before the CAS, an organization that decided today affirming the decision of FIFA and dismissing the appeal filed by the Italian club. The TAS sentence is now final. Torino has no other way to appeal, so it must pay 1.5 million euros to Osasuna, also pay interest and accept arbitration costs and part of Osasuna’s legal defense costs.

Source: La Verdad


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